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Bill Crouse Summits Everest for the 7th Time

Just want to let you know I made another climb of Everest wearing Hotronics with warm feet!

10 years & 20,000 Miles Later With Hotronic Foot Warmers

Cyclist Bob Shay writes about winter cycling with Hotronic Foot Warmers.

Emily Harrington Summits Everest

They were incredible! I am SO glad I had them on summit day (-50 degrees and 70 km/hr winds on the summit).

Sam Elias Summits Everest

On summit day, having not been charged for many days, they worked flawlessly, and on the top of the world my toes were toasty warm.

Hilaree O'Neill Summits Everest and Lhotse

I went from being a skeptic to a total believer. I am certain that without the Hotronics I would not have been able to make the climb on Everest or Lhotse because of frozen feet.

Ellen Miller Summits Everest and Lhotse

"I love my foot warmers! They performed perfectly. I started out using them on setting #2 for the entire summit morning (at 28,000 ft!)."

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