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Ellen Miller Summits Lhotse (2009)

"I love my foot warmers! They performed perfectly. I started out using them on setting #2 for the entire summit morning (at 28,000 ft!)."
Ellen Miller, Lhotse 2009

(June 10, 2009) Upon leaving Nepal, I gave my Hotronics to my climbing partner, a famous climbing Sherpa from the village of Phortse, name Nima Tsering Sherpa. He was fascinated with them... I know that they will be used every Autumn and Spring season for high climbing in the Himalaya. They will probably end up going to the summit of Everest more than any other foot warmers! He had already summited Everest a few weeks before summiting Lhotse with me!

(June 7, 2010) The Hotronics I used for Lhotse last year went to the summit of Everest this year TWICE in Nima's boots. He places the ropes on the route to the summit every year, early in the season, and the Hotronics are saving his feet from frostbite!

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