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Welcome to Hotronic's website. Whether you are looking to maintain comfort and warmth in your feet or keep your boots, shoes, gloves, and mittens dry, Hotronic has the solution to meet your needs.

Foot Warmers S SeriesFoot Warmers S Series

Foot Warmer S Series

Hotronic’s Foot Warmers S Series are the culmination of years of experience in research, design, and testing. With thin profile, high capacity, cold-temperature-operation Battery Packs, the S Series are Hotronic’s most powerful yet compact Foot Warmer designs to date. Maintain comfort and warmth in your feet when it matters most, in the cold! [more...]

Heat Socks XLP ONE

Heat Socks XLP ONE

Hotronic's new Heat Socks XLP ONE begin with our performance fitting, wool blend Socks, add ergonomically delivered heat to the toes and ball of foot, and are powered by a single lithium-ion battery with 4 (four) temperature and duration settings. All with ONE purpose in mind. Keeping feet warmer. Longer. [more...]

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